Investment in the customer experience attracts team of talented adventurers

By Jodi Hamilton - January 20, 2021

In the last 12 months, Plas y Brenin, the national outdoor centre, has welcomed four new, talented, young adventurers to the team of world class instructors.

Appointed as ‘Centre Assistants’ their role is to make sure that customers have an amazing experience when they visit the centre, which is nestled in the scenic Snowdonia mountain range, at Capel Curig, North Wales.

With an immense reputation, Plas y Brenin is home to a world of outdoor sports and true adventure, welcoming a diverse range of explorers from beginners to advanced performance athletes.

A varied role - supporting customers, having fun

It’s the role of the centre assistants to accompany customers on their courses, support them as they learn new skills, help with kit and kit hire, shadow the instructors and ensure visitors stay safe and respect the natural, living environment.

Because Plas y Brenin operates a wide range of different teaching styles and learning methodologies, the centre assistants can be found in all sorts of different environments, ranging from a classroom, masterclass webinar talk, function room, indoor climbing wall, craggy scramble, gushing river, sea wave and mountain top. Often via the dining hall, residential suites, and kit room!

There’s lots of facets to the role, requiring them to have a sunny disposition and a love of helping people as much as they love the great outdoors. Many are working towards attaining qualifications in multi sports disciplines and becoming mountain leaders themselves.

Epic adventure activity days

For the Spring and Summer season the team of centre assistants will be focused on leading the popular ‘Epic Adventure Activity Days’. Visitors choose two activities to enjoy throughout their taster day visit, and launch themselves into an adventure all of their own. Full of thrills and endless fun, it’s a great way to face your fears and feel alive again, especially after lockdown!

Outdoor ambassadors

Chief Instructor, Helen Barnard commented about the fab four. “The team have an obvious passion for the outdoors, which comes across loud and clear. Some have even said it “changed their life for the better” and there’s an appreciation and passion for making the outdoors, and outdoor activities, accessible for more people. As they were inspired by their own school teachers, trips and clubs, so they want to inspire another generation and pass on their enthusiasm and sense of opportunity. That’s exactly why we created these new roles, so I’m excited to see them in action.”

The team of centre assistants includes Krystyna Mills, Kira Quinton, Olivia Hollins-Roberts and Jacob Marriner.

Here’s what they said when I caught up with them recently:

“All we need now are some customers to look after! We’ve spent our time during lockdown doing training in both customer service and in learning how to teach people of all skill levels, to enjoy the outdoors. Then we practice and practice.” Kira Quinton

Read more about Kira in her own blog.

“I feel very lucky to be able to pursue a career in the outdoors at a centre with such an amazing reputation, that’s held in such high regard. I can’t believe this happened to me during the Covid-19 pandemic; even so, we’re learning lots and can’t wait to welcome customers back when it’s safe and appropriate.” Olivia Hollins-Roberts

Here’s Olivia describing how she got into outdoor activities.

“Since studying adventure sports coaching at the University of Central Lancashire and spending time at Plas y Brenin during my course, I’ve wanted to build my career in this dynamic, fast pace environment – so I love spending time with like-minded, inspirational instructors. Equally I love being with customers who come along to seek true adventure and try out their skills, no matter what their previous experience. I love seeing people grow in capability and confidence, including myself!” Krystyna Mills

Krystyna aims to be a positive role model – read more here

“I’m inspired by the instructors at Plas y Brenin, they’ve done some really cool things and explored all over the world. They love discovering, have a massive, and very contagious sense of adventure, and love sharing their knowledge and skills. I’m inspired to do, and go, and try things, and I’d like customers to have that when they meet me too.” Jacob Marriner

Read Jacobs own blog about his favourite activities and more

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And book your very own Epic Adventure Activity Day here – and get a chance to meet this inspiring bunch in person.





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In the last 12 months, Plas y Brenin has welcomed four new, talented, young adventurers to the team of world class instructors. Appointed as ‘Centre Assistants’ , their role is to make sure that customers have an amazing experience when they visit the centre. 


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